Children's books and great artwork seem to go together hand-in-hand. Words evoke images and pictures inspire prose. I'll use this gallery to post some of my own sketches, as well as some of my favorite fan art. Email me your Luck Uglies inspired drawings and maybe you'll make it into the fan gallery. But best of all, you can now view all of Petur Antonsson's amazing Luck Uglies series artwork in one place!

my sketches

your art

I've saved years' worth of wonderful fan art. Check back often as I'm always adding new work to the gallery.

luck uglies original artwork by petur antonsson!

For the first time ever, you can now view all of The Luck Uglies original artwork in one place.

Thank you Petur Antonsson for sharing this amazing gallery! All images ©2014-2016 Petur Antonsson.

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