children's author, teller of fibs.


I'm a novelist who specializes in writing books for young readers. Okay, so that's actually the first fib. Publishers like to label authors so that booksellers will know where to shelve our books. The truth is that I write for children, their parents, and anyone who enjoys a good story. I've heard from fans around the world--young and old--who have read my books. People seem to like them. You can read all about the reviews and awards HERE if you're interested in that sort of thing. Or scroll down below for answers to the questions I get asked most often.

And if none of that interests you, here's the short version of my official bio, every word of which is absolutely true:

Paul Durham was raised in Massachusetts and attended college and law school in Boston. He now lives in New Hampshire with his wife, two daughters and an enormous, bushy creature the local animal shelter identified as a cat. He writes in an abandoned chicken coop at the edge of a swamp and keeps a tiny porcelain frog in his pocket for good luck.


A teller of fibs wears many hats...and masks.

frequently asked questions

I thought it would be interesting to answer some of the questions I get asked most often. Feel free to send more by emailing me and I’ll add them to this page. Don't ask me to help with your algebra, though.

Q: Where did the name "Luck Uglies" come from?

Who? Never heard of them. Not the foggiest idea who you are talking about.

Actually, that’s how the residents of Village Drowning or a Luck Ugly himself would answer that question. The Luck Uglies are a secret society of outlaws so notorious that their names can’t be mentioned out loud. But, since I created them, I suppose I can give you some background. I wanted to invent a name that had never been used before. While researching historic outlaws and secret societies I came across a reference to the Plug Uglies, a Baltimore or New York-based street gang in the 1800s (depending on which historical account you believe). I started playing with the words until I came up with something that sounded just right.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes, for as long as I can remember. I find myself writing all the time—whether it’s typing on my laptop, scribbling out scenes on a yellow legal pad, or just tinkering with sentences in my head. Sometimes, at parties, if an idea crosses my mind I get this blank stare on my face when I should probably be listening to what the other people are saying. That’s how my wife can tell I’m writing in my head. She doesn’t take me to parties much anymore.

Q: Where do you write?

I write in an abandoned chicken coop at the edge of a body of water the local realtor described as a beaver pond. Truth be told, it’s really just a swamp. I’ve put a little work into the coop so it’s probably nicer than it sounds, but it did house chickens at one time. Now the only bird to be found in there is Junky the Rooster, who my daughters rescued from a local antique shop. Take a little tour of the Coop below.

Q: Do you have any pets?

Yes, we have an enormous cat-like creature who found us at the local animal shelter and decided to keep us. His name is Shadow and he is a regal beast with razor sharp claws and lightning-like reflexes. Fortunately, he is quite tame and fond of ours laps. We also have a Bearded Dragon named Yeti. He too has razor sharp claws, lightning-like reflexes, and a fondness for laps.

Q: Do you really keep a lucky frog in your pocket?

I sure do. He's very small. In fact, there's a picture of him hiding somewhere on this page. See if you can find him.

Q: Do you eat vegetables?

Not the green ones. You should, though.



the coop


For the first time ever, I'm flinging open the doors of the Coop for a photo tour. Don't get too comfortable, though. It's hard for me to remain a recluse with all of these prying eyes.


Alright, that's it. You gotta go. I need to get back to work.