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the last gargoyle


What goes bump in the night? If you’re lucky, I do.
— Penhallow, the last Grotesque in Boston

Penhallow is the last of his kind. The stone gargoyle--he'd prefer you call him a Grotesque--fearlessly protects his Boston building from the undead Netherkin who haunt the night. But even he is outmatched when Hetty, his newest ward, nearly falls victim to the sinister Boneless King, ruler of the underworld.

Then there's Viola, the mysterious girl with the violin case who keeps turning up at the most unlikely times. In a world where nightmares come to life, Viola could be just the ally Penhallow needs. But can he trust her when every shadow hides another secret? Can he afford not to?

Award winning author Paul Durham delivers a twisted tale about a lonely gargoyle who discovers he isn't alone at all.

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