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the last gargoyle

Goyle concept art

Goyle concept art

Gargoyles. Glorified water fountains if you ask me.
— Penhallow (a/k/a Goyle), the last Grotesque in Boston

The Luck Uglies trilogy may have come to end, but don't worry, I'm hard at work on my next book, THE LAST GARGOYLE. Meet Goyle. He's the last grotesque residing in modern day Boston. That's not the same thing as a gargoyle--and he'll be the first to tell you so. His job is to keep the residents of his building safe from the otherworldly Netherkin who haunt the night. Unfortunately, that's proving to be even more difficult than it sounds.

I'm still breathing life into our new stone-faced friend, but he's proven to be an impatient sort. He's already got his very own twitter account you can follow below, and be sure to check back here often for updates from our new hero. In the meantime, Goyle looks forward to meeting you in 2018.

Goyle on twitter

All opinions expressed by Goyle are his own. You've been warned.